This past weekend I went to my dear friend Laura's baby shower - so exciting!

(Please forgive me for completely neglecting my camera at the actual baby shower... the whole thing was just too exciting...)

She is one of my Sisters (from Alpha Omega Epsilon) who graduated a few years ago.  I was lucky enough to see her get married and I'm thrilled that now I get to see her family grow!  

This is all super exciting for a few reasons:
1. Babies are exciting!
2. She is the first Sister from our Chapter to have a baby!!  (Although Sarah isn't far behind!!

I did a little crafting for my baby gifts...

I made a onesie for each boy - declaring them as future boyfriends of the sorority, of course (I appliqued on lowercase greek letters, similar to my regular letter tutorial) and I made pacifier clips (I figured two dropping pacifiers isn't something worth worrying about...
I'm THRILLED with how it all came out!
For the pacifier clips, I used a piece of ribbon with some velcro on one end (to attach at the loop on the pacifier) and hot glued it to a flat-back safety pin on the other.  I used one of the safety pins that has the locking mechanism so that they won't unhook and poke the babies!  For the pea pods, I just made homemade shrinky dinks!  (Basically?  Just draw on #6 plastic with a sharpie marker, and then bake at 350 degrees for a few minutes until they stop shrinking...)
We still have a few months until the due date but Laura looks great and I'm so happy for her!! <3


02/29/2012 6:54pm

OMG!!! These are amazing!! I want some (in several years) when I have babies!! =]

03/06/2012 10:05am

HOW have I missed out on these?! I love them!! You are amazing <3


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